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Thinking To Spare 30 Minute For a Brisk Walk? Then You are In the Perfect Shape!

Update Date: Nov 13, 2015 02:45 PM EST

The old-fashioned way of cracking weight has once again topped the list in terms of maintaining one's body shape. It is none other than walking and running as it can collectively allow an individual to scupper endless body fat.

A latest study has demonstrated that brisk walks on a regular basis can actually shed body weight and excessive fat. In comparison to other techniques of losing weight, walking has always discarded gym methods and weight lifting, which is habitually used for weight loss.

In order to further verify the theory, examiners from the London School of Economics disclosed an association between various types of physical activity and respective weights. For the looked-for purpose, they were able to analyze the pulled together data from the year 1999 to 2000 from the country's Annual Health Survey of England.

They managed to get a hold of individuals who are sports-enthusiasts. All those were scrutinized who were indulged in persistent physical activities and sporty events such as swimming, cycling and also managed to track those who were gym addicts. The researchers also made sure to include those who were an active part of 30 minute walking session as well as kept in view the workload from house chores such as cleaning, picking up furniture and everyday labor.

The experts under the lead authority of Grace Lordan, a doctor of Health Economics were keen to know about the participant’s body mass index as well as their waist circumference as they wanted to track the best form of physical activity and its impression on one-to-one bodies. The fallouts were blatant and revealed that those men and women who took time out for brisk walks had the lowest number of body mass index, meaning they had less weight. As compared to the other exercise, they even had a smaller waist, which made them more sporty and athletic.

The overall research did not degrade sports and strenuous workouts as the results showed lower BMI as well as weight circumference for those who participated in hectic workouts but walking, undoubtedly revealed healthy results.

Dr. Rex Ahima, Director of the Obesity Unit at the University of Pennsylvania's Institute for Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism has encouraged walking and claims that overweight individuals should make walking as part of their daily routine.

The conclusion of the results not only amplifies the concerns in terms of public health, but also grants confidence to overweight individuals so that they can keep up with the right weight and live a robust lifestyle.

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