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Anxiety Linked to Severe Asthma Symptoms

Update Date: Nov 13, 2015 02:43 PM EST

Bad news for all the anxiety sufferers as recent researches have shown that individuals who demonstrates certain symptoms of asthma are more likely to undergo severe anxiety concerns.

An emotional state, characterized by heightened chances of inner chaos, panic and turbulence are often accompanied by nervous behavior. Anxiety itself is curable; with various behavioral coping mechanisms, the experience is not fully discouraged, but can be limited and regulated to an escalated extent if preventive measures are taken.

But anxiety becomes double aching when it is often escorted by asthma. Anxiety patients who are prone to asthma concerns, become more unsettled and their condition tends to deteriorate when they suffer from anxiety issues.

They usually have difficulty managing these two health concerns, which makes them timorous and render their condition as a bit of a loose cannon.

The study incorporated 101 college undergraduates who suffered from asthma. The intent was to mimic and imitate the asthma symptoms when participants were asked to breathe in and out through a narrow straw. As anticipated, people with the symptoms of anxiety displayed a higher amount of elevated anxiety during straw breathing as well as displayed severe indicators of asthma and decreased lung function.

The investigation dug deeper into the roots and tried to deliver a profitable conclusion, including coping mechanisms which incorporates an exposure therapy, targeted to reduce anxiety.

The fruitful research is supposed to be published in the journal Behavior Modification. The process commenced under the leadership of Alison McLeish, who is the associate professor of psychology at the University of Cincinnati. Along with her, Christina Luberto, a recent doctoral graduate from UC and clinical fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital, and Emily O’Bryan, a graduate student in the UC Department of Psychology were an integral part of the procedure and will be highlighted at the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT) 49th Annual Convention, which will take place Nov. 12-15 in Chicago.

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