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Farthest Planet Of Solar System And Oldest Stars Of Milky Way Found

Update Date: Nov 12, 2015 02:17 PM EST

If you thought Pluto was the last milestone of the solar system, you got it wrong.

While objects beyond Pluto revolving the Sun are known to exist, stargazers believe they have found the most distant object in the solar system; a dwarf planet simply known for now as V774104. According to NPR, the planet's distance from the Sun is three times more than that between the Sun and Pluto.

Researchers theorize the planet may have drifted away when it got dragged by a larger planet that was ousted. A recently published study indicated that a fifth gas giant existed in the early solar system which was shunted out by Jupiter.

In another study that has implications for inhabitants of Milky Way, astronomers claimed to have found the oldest stars of the galaxy. These stars lie in close proximity to the central bulge, where a supermassive black hole is believed to exist.

According to NDTV, researchers found nine stars which contained material from an older star that ended its life in a hypernova. Conclusion of the stars' age was made based on material analysis; these stars were found to contain low amounts of elements commonly found in stars.

Though astronomers have not found a star that can be called the first to have formed post Big Bang, there are many candidates. CBS reports that those stars with lowest amounts of heavy metals are among the oldest in the universe. When stars explode in giant supernovas, they spew contents into the universe, which is accumulated by subsequent generation of stars.

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