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Walking and Exercise - Two Ways To Battle Cancer and its Side-Effects

Update Date: Nov 10, 2015 12:21 PM EST

Walking might have never-ending benefits and is well-thought-out as one of the impeccable remedies for not only shedding weight but also to eschew cancer.

Professor Robert Thomas from the Cambridge University Hospitals has claimed that cancer patients can augment their prospects of survival by sticking to natural ways of endurance such as walking and can even uplift their potency through physical exercises. According to him, cancer patients are endlessly dependent on vitamin pills that can instead of toughening their system, do more harm than good.

He maintains that making brisk walks a daily part of routine can allow the patients to cut loose from the ailment. By sticking to everyday workouts, patients can also combat the malady and be more adept in terms of battling the treatment side-effects.

Daily Mails quotes ‘Many people think that instead of going to the gym, they can grab a whole load of supplements and that will do the job. ‘But there is no evidence for the majority of these supplements that they have any benefit.

They take vitamins and minerals that have no significant benefits for the patients, but instead can make these individuals more susceptible to cancer risks in the long run. But there is for sure a hopeful news for cancer patients as indulging in a simpler as well as a healthy lifestyle can not only make their conditions bright, but can also assist them in fighting with the side effects.

Professor Thomas remains adamant on the fact that three hours of exercise per day can easily reduce the chances of cancer degeneration up to 30%. In a collective study of 120 people, the results displayed that only 11% were found exercising whereas 68% were overweight and obese.

Professor Thomas, in a nutshell, emphasized on the prominence of a healthy, regulated lifestyle instead of being totally dependent on drugs. These pills might be momentarily advantageous, but their long term effects are more detrimental rather than constructive.


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