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Questionable Meat Cooked Over High Temperatures And Open Flame - Processed Meat Can Cause Cancer

Update Date: Nov 10, 2015 12:21 PM EST

A die-hard fan of meat, if so, then you better start altering your diet as consuming red and white meat can actually hamper your healthy lifestyle and put your lives at risk.

According to a recent study, red and white meat can apparently damage your well-being if cooked over an open flame and at high temperatures. Better stop thinking about the flame grilled burgers anymore as the risks of kidney cancers might be heightened after taking in some quantity of processed meat.

The heat involved in frying, grilling and barbecuing the meat results in an initiating of a chemical process that results in the development of chemicals known as heterocyclic amines. The thinking lot present at the university of Texas claims that these chemicals are highly responsible for renal cell carcinoma, which is the most prevalent kidney cancer in adults.

The research incorporated the diets of 1,350 individuals who have been victims of kidney cancer. The results exhibited that those who consumed chemicals from grilled meat were more likely to get entangled in kidney cancer. The charred meat, in a nutshell, is the considered reason for the heightened number of renal cell carcinoma.

At some points, the concept of hereditary elements was also stressed as scientists believed that people with certain genes are more susceptible and vulnerable to the mentioned chemical.

As per Daily Mail, Dr Xifeng Wu said: ‘Our study provides additional evidence for the role of red meat and white meat in renal cell carcinoma, and is the first study... to suggest an association with [the chemicals commonly created in grilling, barbecuing, and pan-frying meats at high temperatures.’

According to Sarah Williams, Cancer Research UK’s health information manager claims that there are certain limitations to the entire study. Based on one single approach, it is doubtful to link meat and cancer so rigorously and confidently. For the time being she has mentioned that the best way to avoid kidney cancer is to avoid smoking and control weight.

As for now, various governments and authorities have altered their manifestos and have started considering processed meat as an equivalent to cigarettes and asbestos whereas red meat was granted a lower status and highlighted as less carcinogenic.


Developing a regulated routine, which involves the intake of fruits and vegetables along with sparing a few hours for exercise is the best way to establish health. Experts believe junk food is probably the sole reason for weight gain and other obese related maladies, which can be put an end to if proper lifestyle is adopted.

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