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Craving For Junk Food? Blame Your Genes!

Update Date: Nov 09, 2015 12:27 PM EST

Despite continual efforts, is your body a slave to fat filled food items? In spite of making a sensible pact, is it still hard to get over oily food items you come across every day? If so, you finally have a valid justification for your seemingly uncontrollable desire to get your mouth full with junk food.

According to a new analysis, researchers have found out that some people are naturally or innately inclined towards having a junk food doze. Initiated from the Imperial College of London, researchers have unveiled two genetic variants which are solely responsible for creating desires for fat filled products. Known as FTO and DRD2, the presence of these two newly discovered elements is responsible for introducing intense cravings for unhealthy foods in some people.

These two variants can apparently alter the presence of dopamine, which is linked to regulating the reward feelings and sensations in the brain. According to Dr Toby Goldstone, an endocrinologist, the added element of these two elements let the individuals feel heightened cravings as compared to an average person, meaning they are more prone to eating items with more sugar level and fat.

As part of the study, 45 European Caucasian males were an integral part of the research who were perused in their respective fasting states. They were then allowed to look at various pictures including high fat filled and low calorie food products and were eventually asked to rate based on their level of appeal and desire. Their brain activity was then examined through MRI scans and were also asked to submit their DNA samples. The results displayed stimulation and high level activity in terms of the FTO gene when individuals were exposed to high calorie food present at the orbitofrontal cortex part of their brain.

In a nutshell, these people found junk food to be more exciting and tempting as compared to healthy items.

The research maintained that people associated with the FTO variant are more susceptible towards obesity as their dopamine level is altered and grants them the feeling of reward and eventually, increases their craving for junk food.

Some people are usually looking for various treatments in order to maintain their dopamine level to halt and curb cravings and ultimately obesity. The usage of drugs, surgical procedures and hormones from the guys can be helpful in terms of modifying the dopamine level.

The findings were presented Thursday during the Obesity Society Annual Meeting in Los Angeles


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