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Sedentary Routine Can Damage The Health of Pregnant Ladies – Gestational Diabetes, Depression and Weight Gain Can Be Avoided With Physical Activity

Update Date: Nov 09, 2015 12:27 PM EST

A good news for all the expecting ladies as they can kick off their day with a chirp and never-ending hope and can shun depression in no time! The latter can be eradicated with the use of nifty physical activities and a bit of smooth exercises, which can reduce the risks of medical dilemmas for the mommy’s-to-be.

Based on the research conducted by the English researchers, indulging in physical undertakings during pregnancy can actually ward off the risks of depression, anxiety and other sort of emotions stress. Scientists have upheld that along with that, physical activities also keep up the spirits alive and the enthusiasm can make the ladies feel better about themselves.

Pointing towards mental health, the researchers have also highlighted that gestational diabetes can also be combatted with the help of exercise. The second trimester can be a bit frantic and can cause emotional as well as physical soreness, therefore, rather than staying sluggish for a very long period, women should perform moderately slight and less strenuous physical chores as it can lessen the chances of putting on weight, depression and gestational diabetes.

Conducted at the Warwick University and George Eliott Hospital NHS Trust in the UK, the research was presented at the Society for Endocrinology annual conference in Edinburgh in the UK. The study involved the examination of 1,263 pregnant women and the researchers were supposed to analyze the link between their emotional stability and the level of physical tasks they are involved in for the first trimester of their pregnancy and at the end of the second.

Each individual's BMI and socioeconomic status were also kept in view and the fallouts indicated a blatant symptom between high level of depression and sitting indolent. Women who preferred sitting free and were not involved in any sort of rigorous exercise were also the first ones to put on weight.

They also disclosed the high level of glucose in blood during the 28th week of pregnancy and were therefore more prone to gestational diabetes.

In a nutshell, preventive strategies were reinforced and strongly emphasized in order to gain potential benefits for the new mothers and even for the babies.

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