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Overwhelming Dosage of Social Media Leads to Anxiety – ‘FOMO’ Linked with High-Level Stress Among Teenagers

Update Date: Nov 09, 2015 12:27 PM EST

The ongoing debates regarding the presence of social media and its advantages are around-the-clock. But what really matters is the fact that whether most of the users are in the catbird position or not? Apparently, social media has catalyzed or lives, made us thoroughly updated and totally impeccable in terms of our personalities, but another mind scratcher is that whether it has left us sunken or not? According to a new study, the fear of missing out, also known as FOMO has left countless individuals in an utter shock of disbelief. The constant watchfulness, aggravation, the sentiments of jealousy and disappointment has been collected from the endless use of social media, which has seemingly given rise to impromptu depression and anxiety.

As per ‘The Fifth Annual National Stress and Wellbeing in Australia’, the Survey has maintained that Australians have been entangled in the endless web of fear and anxiety all due to social media as the apple of discord. In contrast to the initial phase of the survey, these individuals appear less happy and more stressed out due to the fear of being left out.

The study revolved around the basic statistics and found out that 66% of the teenagers were keen enough to share their personal details, which included sharing a status on Facebook. 60% said they became apprehensive when they found out their friends have been hanging out without them and 51% claim that they feel concerned when they remain too unacquainted with the daily doings of their pals.

According to the Australian Psychology Society, one in every two teenagers agreed that they remain too restless and feel that they are missing out on the superficially spick-and-span lives of their friends. This develops a feeling of competition within them due to which they are bound to agree that they have less rewarding experiences than their peers.

Flinders University senior social work lecturer Dr Mubarak Rahamathulla said FOMO is the main reason for today's teenagers as they are more stressed out and feel anxious about petty little details about their lives.

According to ABC News, Dr Mubarak claims "There is a very strong positive correlation between the hours spent on digital technology and higher stress and depression."

The emotional pressure needs to be curbed immediately as social media have started to dominate these lives. More than half percent of the Australians claim that they use social media for entertainment purpose even before going to bed. It is imperative to gear up as such feelings can stamp negativity in young minds, deteriorating their entire personalities.

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