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Video: Autistic 5-year-old Boy Can Speak Many Languages, Read Minds

Update Date: Nov 09, 2015 09:15 AM EST

There is an amazing 5-year-old who is being examined by scientists. His mother videotaped him enunciating numbers that were written out of his view, according to the Daily Mail. He seems to be showing telepathic ability, and also seems to be a "savant", after learning many languages.

Ramses Sanguino thus has a "high functioning form of autism", however, he can still learn a number of languages and solve complex math problems. However, what caught the eye of researcher Diane Powell was his skill to read minds, according to the New York Post.

His abilities have been captured in a video by his mother, the 32-year-old Nyx Sanguino. He is recorded writing Greek and communicating through Japanese and Russian languages. He has also been recorded as being able to read the mind of his mother.

Whenever she writes down some numbers, Sanguino is able to guess them accurately, without reading them.

Hence, the skill of telepathy might be a different kind of communication that is used by autistic children with a need to convey something, but without the ability to do it. Powell's study will delve into the ability of Sanguino and validate the family's claims.

"I have found many autistic children who have been reported to be telepathic and I wanted to see it for myself and see if it can be evaluated and actually tested under rigorous, controlled conditions," said Powell.

Even as she examines various children all over the globe as part of her study, she hope to help him get into a "special school for gifted autistic children".

YouTube/Barcroft TV 

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