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Breakfast Fruits, Cereals and Dairy Can Help You Lose Weight

Update Date: Nov 06, 2015 12:04 PM EST

Looking for incredible ways to shed some weight? Are you desperate to get that fat off your body? Well, here are some revealed secrets, and some efficient tips to avoid accumulating fat within your body.

Have you ever wondered what makes an individual so slim and fit? Well the answer lies in eating lots of fruits, dairy products and cereals for the first meal of the day.

You are what you eat! Starting your day with a healthy routine and indulging in food products that enhance your skin lust and help you lose your weight is probably the best start to a day.

Researchers from Cornell food and Brand Lab wanted to search for hidden food items that allows an individual to retain their thin structure. An online questionnaire was drafted and healthy people were allowed to answer the questions. Only those individuals qualified for the survey who had constant weight, had no fluctuations and had no weight counselling. 147 people were part of the survey and their respective BMI accounted for 21.7, which lies just between the healthy, average BMI.

They were asked basic questions which include the food items they choose for breakfast. The answers were effortlessly common and highlighted the usage of 33% cereals, 51% fruits and 41% dairy products. Alongside, coffee, eggs and breads were also the mentioned responses, which people use in breakfast.

In terms of drinks, Daily Mail highlights that 33% slim people prefer diet sodas and drinks and 35% of the people usually avoid soft drinks on all occasions.

In a nutshell, slim people are those who never miss breakfast and consider it as an essential meal of the day. According to Daily Mail, 'one important take away from this study is that a very high rate of slim people actually eat breakfast instead of skipping, which is consistent with previous research on the importance of breakfast'.

Dieters prefer skipping breakfast, but in order to have a curvy, slim figure, it is imperative to stick with breakfast that includes fruits and vegetables.

The research was carried out by the Food and Brand Lab at Cornell University and was presented at Obesity Week 2015 in Los Angeles.


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