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Amazing News For Tea- Lovers - Three Cups Of Tea Every Day Can Help You Fight Bones-Related Illnesses

Update Date: Nov 05, 2015 02:12 PM EST

A good news for all the tea-lovers as having ample cups of tea per day can actually make you physically stronger.

Apart from being one of the popular drinks across the world, tea is in some countries considered as a sacred drink. Besides relishing the drink, scientists have recently come across another exciting discovery which maintains that having three cups of tea a day can reduce the likelihood of fragile bones and build up individuals, physically.

The magical element known as flavonoids present within the black tea can help battle the condition of osteoporosis. Other than that, tea can also ward off the risks of hip fracture and other bone related illness such as fragility and brittleness.

Osteoporosis have influenced the lives of men and women and currently around three million affectees are seeking a curable response. A surprising breakthrough in the field of science and health as rendered tea as the main source of therapy, which can assists in making the bones robust.

Research initiated from the Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Perth, the Royal Perth Hospital and the Flinders University of South Australia asserts that tea might enhance bone density. For this purpose, 1,200 women were examined for a period of over ten years. The women were monitored and check whether they suffered a major fracture due to osteoporosis. The results displayed that 288 women did break their bones and encountered hip fracture.

In a nutshell, women who drank three or more cups of tea every day were 30 percent less likely to encounter incidence of fracture than those who drank one cup of tea per day.

Daily Mail claims 'Around 75,000 hip fractures occur in the UK each year and the annual cost in terms of medical and social care is estimated at around £2 billion'. These fractures are more prevalent among females as they are exposed to a higher risk of osteoporosis. But having tea each day can help the women to put an end to bone illness by nine percent.

Daily Mail maintains that according to researcher Dr Jonathan Hodgson 'There is increasing interest in the role of dietary factors in osteoporosis and fracture prevention. 'There is evidence that foods rich in flavonoids – such as fruits, vegetables and tea – may also be related to bone loss and fracture outcomes’.

The research was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and asserts that tea not only help in rendering a healthy physical lifestyle, but also keep away conditions such as diabetes.


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