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Hole In The Sun Will Create Aurora And May Disturb Earth's Magnetic Field

Update Date: Nov 05, 2015 11:01 AM EST

What will the sun do when there's a hole in it? Create a spectacular light show.

To begin with, this hole will let the solar winds out, which will trigger an aurora that can be seen by billions on Wednesday, according to Bloomberg Business.

The wind will have the protons and electrons reacting with the earth's magnetic field and causing the skies to become bright and colourful. But as the hole will have less materials compared to the other parts of the sun, the solar wind is expected to rush at levels that exceed normal speed, which will make the spectacle more intense.

You can view this bright light show if you live in North America, Europe and Asia, even though not all may be able to look at the view.

"It is a far cry from the big, big erupted events," said Robert Rutledge, a forecaster at the U.S. Space Weather Prediction Center in Boulder, Colo. "But it is interesting nonetheless."

However, there is a cautionary geomagnetic storm warning note that has been put out by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Space Weather Prediction Center. The solar wind speed is expected to touch 500 miles per second, according to ABC News. Hence, this might disrupt not only our magnetic field but also our "satellite communications, navigation systems, power transmission grids and other electronic systems."

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