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Not Getting Enough Sleep? Your Body Might Be At Risk!

Update Date: Nov 04, 2015 02:42 PM EST

A productive night involves a healthy sleeping pattern which includes ample hours of dozing off. Indicating not only physical benefits, proper hours of sleep can actually be of great significance especially for those who want to wander off from diseases such as diabetes.


A recent study has maintained that women who tend to deviate from a suitable and a scheduled sleeping pattern are more prone to diabetes. In brief, too little and in some cases, too much sleep can actually have life-threatening consequences, particularly for women.


Type 2 diabetes is eventually more widespread among those women who sleep for less than six hours or increase their time duration for more than two hours.

A research led by Harvard included 59,031 women who were diabetic-free when the research was initiated. The study preserved that women who are exposed to seven to eight hours of sleep every night tend to knock down type two diabetes. On the contrary, women who sleep for less than six hours a night have a heightened chance to receive diabetes.

The body works in unusual ways as the link between the sleep cycle and diabetes is due to the presence of a substance which usually circulates in the blood during the process of sleeping. This substance known as the pro-inflammatory cytokines are, thus, responsible to change and alter the body's metabolism.

These cytokines are also bound to create an impact on the glucose present within the body.

The researchers, in a nutshell, discovered the lowest risk of diabetes for those women who sleep for almost seven to eight hours per night. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is imperative to stick with the guidelines and acquaint oneself with minimum eight hours of sleep.


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