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Pimples, Redness and Wrinkles – There’s a Reason Why Your Skin Lacks Luster!

Update Date: Nov 03, 2015 12:32 PM EST

Ever wondered why your pale complexion, jaded skin and endless pimples and wrinkles are not leaving your previously brilliant skin? Want to cut loose from all the above mentioned elements of major turn off? Well the answers are simple- make sure to revamp your diet and try avoiding a few food products for a glowing skin.

According to Dr. Nigma Talib, a Naturopathic doctor and skin care specialist has made it pretty clear that whatever you take in as part of your daily diet has a direct and spontaneous effect on your skin. All the pimples surrounding your facial features and the lack of brightness on your complexion are directly linked to the type of food that you eat.

You are what you eat, Dr Nigma Talib has made it rather easier to accept. Based on recognizable indicators, the doctor has apportioned several terms such as 'dairy face', 'wine face', 'sugar face' and 'gluten face’.

The Daily Mail quotes, 'The second a patient walks into my clinic I can immediately tell the sort of foods they tend to over-eat just by checking the way their face is ageing,' 'In fact, I often find myself reading random faces in the street. I want to run up to strangers and tell them to cut milk out of their diet or hold back on the pasta as it is so clear from their complexion that their diet is doing them harm.

Assigning captivating names for such conditions, Dr Nigma has a rather fascinating theory. Wine, dairy products, sugar related items and products that contain gluten may have adverse consequences on your skin that can ultimately take away all the luster off your skin. Fine lines, the appearance of wrinkles or dark spots and even pigmentation and the presence of redness and dark circles around eyes is basically the output of what you eat. Staying away and shunning the presence of the above mentioned items when taking food can assist individuals to regain and muster their original brightness.

Some people are undoubtedly allergic to various contents and, thus, should be deliberately avoided. The reason behind the occurrence is due to the fact that some people are unknowingly hypersensitive to certain components that can trigger hormonal and chemical changes within their body. The consequences of this are, thus exhibited on one’s face, in the shape of pimples, puffy eyes and redness on the face. As a part of health campaign, Dr Nigma has stressed and convinced her patients to cut back on such items. In order to have a fully healthy internal system, it is imperative to reduce intake of the above mentioned food products.


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