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When Babies Cry, Fathers Become More Responsive As Their Testosterone Level Tends to Decrease

Update Date: Nov 03, 2015 12:33 PM EST

So what makes a father more receptive and warm, when dealing with their infants? Is it their innate reaction or are they just prone to give a reaction when their babies yells, every time they pick them up? According to a new study, the answer is the lowering down of testosterone level that can help fathers be more loving, kind and caring towards their offspring.

An exciting indicator discovered as part of the latest research conducted at the Michigan University, which asserts that when a man's testosterone level tends to decrease, he automatically takes on the role of a nurturing, affectionate father.

A new inquiry initiated by a group of scientists maintains that when men saw their babies in misery, it drops down their testosterone level, eventually making them a compassionate father.

Patty Kuo, the study's lead author included 175 men who were about to be fathers for the second time, as part of the examination. Their respective hormonal and saliva samples were accumulated in order to analyze the father- infant relationship. The activity included separating the child with their fathers for a very brief period of time and then reunifying them after the conclusion of the tests. The results were foreseeable as infants seeked their fathers throughout the procedure and were looking for them to muster emotional support and comfort.

The end of the results exhibited empathetic reactions by the fathers. As the fathers saw their babies in distress, they put on their concerned face, ultimately lowering down their testosterone level. This in turns leads to an encouraging response, therefore making the fathers more caring and affectionate.

In a nutshell, a man's tendency to shrink the testosterone level is directly associated with the state of responsive fathers, which in short assists the child cognitive, social and emotional development for the later years to come.

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