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Massive Crack Found in Wyoming

Update Date: Nov 03, 2015 09:06 AM EST

In the rural part of North Central Wyoming, an enormous crack was discovered that the geologists say there as a result of a landslide. Although, no witnesses have been found that can confirm the landslide event. Chamois Anderson working with Wyoming State Geological Survey has taken photographic evidence of the crack and believe that the proof is only circumstantial but not really unusual. According to Anderson, the geologists in the area say that, "It appears this may be due to groundwater has created weakness in what is already a saturated hillside. Further saturation like a wet spring and summer leads to more weakness, then the hillside shifted and caused a landslide with an associated large crack", reported CBS Denver.

The size of the crack is projected to be 750 yards long and 50 yards wide. Anderson has requested that the people should refrain from visiting near the site as it is considered landslide prone and unsafe for the visitors. Even though the crack is of no immediate threat but the people are still advised to steer clear of the area. Anderson says that it is possible that the landslide happened more gradually over a period of week or two. The crack was first seen by a hunter, Randy Becker, who stopped by to take photos of the site. Becker told CBS Denver, "I was stunned. The magnitude of this shift in Earth is dramatic, it blows you away to see it", reported CBS News.

According to the experts who have reviewed the side, the hole has been attributed to the water running along the hillside that gave away due to loose dirt. Since the crack happened on the state owned land, it poses no threat to the people or the structures in the area, says USA Today.

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