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Women Who Are Mothers Are 20% Less Likely To Die Early, Study

Update Date: Oct 31, 2015 01:16 PM EDT

Mothers always live longer than motherless children, says a U.K. study on "hundreds of thousands of women" over more than a decade, according to The Daily Mail.

The study was conducted by The Imperial College London that took information from 322,972 women from 10 countries across Europe, of which 14,383 died in 13 years. Almost 6,000 died of cancer and 2,400 from heart disease.

Women who had children were 20 percent likelier to live longer lives. The numbers indicated that women with just two or three children were at a lower risk for developing cancer. Even in their 20s, women with children were less likely to die.

It was also important to breastfeed children. Breastfeeding mothers were found to be less likely to die by about 8 percent when compared to others who used formula, according to indiatoday.

Scientists are convinced that women who live longer tend to undergo hormonal changes in their bodies, especially if they have children. The changes would enrich their hearts and reduce the risk of cancer.

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