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Chinese Man Develops Horse Neck by Drinking 1 Liter of Hard Liquor for Three Decades

Update Date: Oct 30, 2015 09:39 AM EDT

A fatty tumor has been developed around this man's neck due to consumption of one liter of white spirit everyday. The tumor around his throat makes the man look like he has a horse neck. Hong Shu, the man diagnosed with the rare disease called Madelung disease where the fat deposits in many parts of the body including the arms, neck and legs, said People's Daily Online. The man, Hong Shu, belongs to southern China and has undergone many surgeries to eliminate these deposits. He will be discharged from the hospital soon.

As per the reports, Hong Shu has had the disease for more than 10 years but it has been diagnosed only recently. So far, only 400 cases of this disease has been reported across the world. 53-year-old Hong noticed the changes in his body a decade ago. It began with swelling behind his ears and later spread to parts of his throat as well. Over the years, the fat deposits spread across his neck making it look like a horse's neck or even cow or camel's. There were also two lumps seen on his neck that measure 7-inches wide, reported Daily Mail.

This year, Hong started feeling the difficultly in eating, swallowing and even breathing due to the increased size of his neck. After the doctors examined his case through x-rays, the diagnose revealed that he is suffering from Madelung disease and has been caused due to drinking excessively. Hong consumed more than 2 liters of local Chinese spirit called Bajiu everyday. This spirit contains alcohol levels more than 40-60%. Over the years, Hong has consumed thousands of liters of this spirit that offset the tumor in his body and caused the disease. Hong underwent three surgeries so far for the removal of the fat of deposits, according to Daily Mail. 

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