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Grooves On Ancient Bones Of T. Rex Show That They Were Probably Cannibals

Update Date: Oct 30, 2015 09:40 AM EDT

The Tyrannosaurus Rex, a giant dinosaur, was a cannibal, is the new, horrifying discovery.

Recently, scientists found some tyrannosaur bones that were covered in teeth marks, suggesting they have been biting into their own, according to the Geological Society of America 

"We were out in Wyoming digging up dinosaurs in the Lance Formation," said paleontologist Matthew McLain of Loma Linda University in California. "Someone found a tyrannosaur bone that was broken at both ends. It was covered in grooves. They were very deep grooves."

The groove marks are interesting, with evidence showing that they have been caused by an animal tearing the flesh off the bone "at an angle perpendicular to the bone."

There was one groove on one end of the bone, which showed some smaller parallel grooves when the consumer just turned its head and "dragged its serrated teeth across the bone". It shows that the creature eating the dinosaur was another tyrannosaur.

"This has to be a tyrannosaur," McLain said. "There's just nothing else that has such big teeth."

While it is obvious that the 'dinner peer' was dead when it was eaten by its friend, scientists aren't too sure if the cannibal tyrannosaur was just a scavenger or killer.

"Exactly who did the eating that day, in the Late Cretaceous, could still be sorted out by the same grooves," McLain said.

The findings were presented at the 2015 GSA Annual Meeting 

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