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Thousands of Possum Tails Scattered on New Zealand Road

Update Date: Oct 29, 2015 12:08 PM EDT

In mysterious incident, thousands of possum tails were seen scattered on the road in Auckland and Northland regions of New Zealand on the weekend. Travelers using the road have seen tails every hundred yards are posting on Facebook about this inexplicable finding. However, no one is even close to unravelling the mystery as to where the tails came from. "What would make someone want to go on a joy ride with a truck load of possum tails and scatter them like rose petals out the window from Northland down to here?", said a member of Waitakere Ranges Local Board. He also added, "It's just one of those absolutely bizarre mysteries that's more suited to April 1st than anything else", reports New Zealand Herald.

The most logical explanation for this occurrence has been theorized as a possum culler who was taking the tails as a proof of work to get the payment. However, there is no clarification as to why would some one toss out all these tails on he road or how did so many tails fall accidently. The country's conservation department is baffled and recall that these bushy tailed critters came in the 1800s, not just as a pest but "one of the greatest threats to our natural environment." This is the reason why these critters are mass slaughtered to keep them from tipping the eco-system of the area. There have many protests regarding this practice as the government drops the poison from air which can cause collateral damage to the other animals living in the area. Despite the incident, people seem more puzzled about the tail incident rather than feel concerned. A local officer told the Herald, "It couldn't happen to a nicer animal is all that I've got to say," reports BBC.

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