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A Chemical Sign May Indicate The Baby Is Coming; Scientists Claim It is An Influential Discovery

Update Date: Oct 29, 2015 10:00 AM EDT

A satisfying news for all the mommies- to-be as researchers have yet made another influential discovery in the field of gynae.

Reducing the horror and mystery of unanticipated labor hours, researchers are now one step ahead as according to them, the actual moment of birth time can be determined.

So what actually is the secret element that can eradicate the fears of unforeseen labor incidence? Despite offering an assured birth date, there are heightened chances that a woman might not give birth at the guaranteed date. But according to investigators, there is a chemical sign that can essentially assist the doctors in establishing the exact time and date of labor.

Tests on the cells in the amniotic fluid which encircles the baby in the womb can designate when a woman is ready to give birth.

The research was initiated at the University of Texas. The study included fluid samples of 50 women in labor and 51 pregnant women, not yet in labor. Cell fragments present in respective fluids were then analyzed.

As labor approaches, placenta within the womb, which is an organ glued to the womb lining, comes to the end of their lifespan. The tiny remains and bits breaking off the placenta called telomeres usually roam around freely in the fluid. One of the emerging signs reveal that these tiny bits become disjointed as the pregnancy duration continues. When they are at their peak, they indicate labor is about to start.

 In a nutshell, these telomeres activate the process of inflammation that leads to labor.

Telomeres play a noteworthy part and are actually the parts of the DNA that guard our genetic information while cells tend to divide. These tend to become smaller every time a cell divides, which hampers their ability to ensure that the new cells are exactly like the parent cells.

Ramkumar Menon, the lead behind the study claims ‘we know from previous studies that inflammation can alter the balance of the mother's hormones in the uterus, triggering the labor process.'

According to the current research, doctors can in reality anticipate the right moment for the end of pregnancy, which is undoubtedly a revolution in the field of science.

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