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Review of The Big Bang Theory Season 9, Episode 6

Update Date: Oct 28, 2015 04:42 PM EDT

As per the reviewers, last week's episode on the famous comedy show, The Big Bang Theory, has been the worst so far. However, this week saw the famous comeback of Leonard-Sheldon duo after weeks of dull relationship issues big discussed on the show's previous episodes. The Helium Deficiency was a welcome change, says the review. Finally, the Leonard and Sheldon's paper witnessed some breakthrough, which was the core theme of the last season's episodes. The viewers had had some dull moments in the past few weeks but this week was the kind of Big Bang Theory that people remember watching. In this episode, the duo ends up committing the geekiest crime by meeting a devious helium dealer, says Entertainment Weekly.

The reason that made this episode so good was Michael Rapaport as the dealer. The prison break actor made a brilliant entry as a beefy goon who seemed to have a genuine interest in what these geeks were doing. By the end of the episode, he even ends up becoming their friend, reports Vulture.

This week's episode raised a few questions whether the two geeks were going to get further involved in such deals for the benefit of their research, even if evil Swedish team ends up stealing their limelight! Barry too makes a comeback with his douchery, providing the two an opportunity to show just how valuable this paper is to both of them. It is not just about another board game but about their life's work this time, as per Entertainment Weekly.

It has been a while since an episode of The Big Bang Theory has been so hilarious. What made it so was the pairing of Sheldon and Leonard that viewers are used to seeing and have been craving for a long time. It was a delight to see the two put their attention on the nerdy science and not their relationships anymore, that was just making them more miserable, says Digital Spy.

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