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Four Tea Spoons of Olive Oil can Cut CAD Risk in Six Weeks

Update Date: Nov 23, 2014 10:31 PM EST

Daily consumption of olive oil can drastically cut risk of coronary artery disease in just six weeks, a new study claims.

As part of the study 69 participants who did not regularly consume olive oil, were split into two groups. While one group was given olive oil with low phenolic content, the second group was given olive with high phenolic content. Researchers found that adding just 20 ml of olive to food cut down risk of CAD, Daily Mail reproted.

"Our study was a supplementation study. If people in the UK replaced part of their fat intake with olive oil, it could have an ever greater effect on reducing the risk of heart disease," said Dr Emilie Combet of University of Glasgow in a news release.

To determine how olive oil had cut risk, researchers measured indicators in urine. Researchers examined a range of peptides which result from breaking down of proteins. These peptides are markers of cardiovascular disease.

"If we are able to identify the early signatures of diseases before they have had a chance to take hold we can start to treat them before they become a problem requiring costly medical intervention," said Dr Bill Mullen, another researcher.

The sample analysis helped scoring participants for CAD. "The group taking the low phenol olive oil saw a drop in CAD score from -0.5 to -0.8 while the high phenol group saw a reduction from -0.6 to -0.8," researchers wrote. Score reduction indicated that the risks has decreased substantially.

"What we found was that regardless of the phenolic content of the oil, there was a positive effect on CAD scores. In the population studied, any olive oil, low or high in phenolics, seems to be beneficial. The fatty acids are probably the main contributors to the observed effect," said Dr Combet.

The findings of the study were published in the America Journal of Clinical Nutrition

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