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Ways to Make Waking Up Early a Habit

Update Date: Nov 21, 2014 09:30 AM EST

Waking up early is certainly a great way to start a day. While there are myriad benefits of waking up early, it is quite difficult to form the habit itself. Here are some ways how to do it: 

Go to bed early

Not getting enough sleep is the biggest detractor of getting up early. Do you really need to burn the midnight oil just to be on the social networking site? Probably not. Sleep is far more important than watching mindless television soaps. 

Stick to a routine

Our body loves routine. There's a reason why we feel hungry at certain times. The same applies for our sleep schedule. Forming a sleeping routine is only going to make it easier to get up early.

Reduce caffeine intake

Less caffeine will make sure you don't be an owl. Try cutting down caffeine intake. Experts suggest avoiding caffeine from 4-5 hours before going to bed. 

Keep a motivation

Getting up early requires motivation in the beginning. Try giving yourself a good reason to do it. Look forward to this ritual of getting up early. Exercise can be a great motivator. Working out also makes you feel energized throughout the day. 

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