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6 Healthy Ways to Shop in the Supermarket

Update Date: Nov 05, 2014 03:33 PM EST

How you shop at your supermarket can greatly affect the kinds of foods you put in your body. For example, some of you might make lists and stick to them to the tee to avoid over buying items. Others might wing it and end up with a lot of junk food. If you are on a diet or want to be more nutritious, here are six healthy ways to shop at the store.

1. Color

After going through the fresh produce section, look down at your cart to see if it is colorful enough. Fruits and vegetables tend to range in colors, which mean that if you have at least five different colors sitting in your cart, you are most likely buying enough fresh and healthy ingredients. Remember to keep an eye out for what is fresh at the moment as opposed to following your list.

2. Pick packaged foods with fewer ingredients

The longer the ingredients' list is on middle aisle packaged foods, the more unhealthy and processed the items are. When it comes to buying these products, which include condiments, crackers, pastas and cereals, pick the box that contains the fewest number of ingredients. These items will most likely have more whole-grains, which are better for you.

3. Limit junk foods to one serving

Since it might be hard to resist grabbing some junk food, an easy way to reduce your intake is to buy the single serving size option. For example, instead of buying a large bag of chips, buy the smallest one. This way, you do not risk overeating and consuming too many calories and fats.

4. Buy 100% whole-grain

When buying carbohydrates, stick to the options that are 100 percent whole-grain. Whole-grains are rich in fiber, which keeps you full for a longer period of time. These types of carbs can help lower your risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity.

5. Skip the frozen meals

Frozen dinners, appetizers and snacks should stay in the freezer. These types of meals are generally very unhealthy because they contain refined grains, simple sugars, preservatives and additives. Despite how easy these meals can be, your body will be better off without them.

6. Stick to water, coffee and tea

When passing by the beverage aisle, avoid grabbing soda and sweetened juices. These beverages are high in sugar, which can lead to many health conditions. Over the past few years, studies have also found evidence that diet versions of these beverages can also be bad for you. Your body will be better off if you stick to water, coffee and tea.

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