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Six Essential Running Tips For Beginners

Update Date: Oct 31, 2014 02:40 PM EDT

According to experts, running is one of the easiest workouts. The best thing about running is that it doesn't require a gym membership, instead all you need is to take time from a busy schedule and hit the roads. 

If you are just starting into the habit of running, here are few tips that might be beneficial for you. 

Avoid eating any heavy food before a run. It would be better if you could grab a small portion of salad or a protein shake. Running on a full stomach is not a good idea as it will slow you down and make your run sluggish. 

While running, if you face a busy traffic, try running against the traffic. It will help easily spot oncoming vehicles. In fact in some countries, there are laws which require you to run against the traffic. 

After a run, prefer cooling off by taking a warm shower. If you body heats up, just hydrate your body and stretch out your legs. 

Eating protein rich meal after a run is a good idea. Protein helps repair muscles quicker. Experts also suggest to include some greens so that you can load up on the minerals and vitamins your body has lost due to sweat. 

There's no harm in stopping for a quick break in between a long run.  You can briskly walk or do light stretches. Also, a run-walk approach is quite effective if you are a first timer. 

If you are running for the first time, your heels need extra support. Look for a decent quality running shoes which will help you avoid injury and unnecessary strain on your feet. 

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