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Four Surprising Health Problems Tied to Obesity

Update Date: Oct 15, 2014 07:44 AM EDT

By now you might be aware of the fact that obesity increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes. However the problems are not limited to just these complications. Here are some more:


Obesity also increases the risk of cancer. According to a study, 10 percent of all gallbladder, kidney, liver and colon cancer could be attributed to excess weight. Around 41 percent of uterine cancers were also tied to obesity. 

The National Cancer Institute estimates that obesity contributes to 34,000 new cases of cancer in men and 50,000 women each year. 


A new study revealed that higher the body mass index, the greater is the chances of having episodic migraines. The study also added that those who were obese were 81 percent more likely to experience at least 14 migraine headaches each month compared to people with normal weight. 


For overweight women, it might be harder getting pregnant. A study of 300 morbidly obese women found that over 90 percent of them developed polycystic ovarian disease, a condition associated with infertility.

Premature birth

A study revealed that obesity increases a women's chance of having a pre-term baby, especially when her body mass index is 35 or higher. Authors of the study speculated that having too much fat may inflame and weaken the uterine and cervical membrane. 

Premature birth is one of the leading causes of infant death and long-term disabilities. 

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