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Four Gym Protocols To Follow

Update Date: Oct 13, 2014 11:46 AM EDT

We often ignore gym etiquettes but they are as important as being well-mannered at the dining table and office. 

Here are some unsaid rules that you should follow, if you regularly hit the gym. 

Avoid it when you're sick

If you visit gym while battling a flu, chances are that tiny microbes may get stuck on equipment, making your mates catching the flu as well. If you feel like working out even when your are down with a cold, prefer an outdoor activity like jogging. 


Focus on the activity that you are doing. This will help you leave the gym without injuries due to carelessness and at the same time, have a productive time at gym.

Dress appropriately

Dressing appropriately enhances your workout sessions by helping you move comfortably. It also helps avoid unwanted attention from fellow gym mates. Prefer clothes that covers your body appropriately. It will help you exercise with ease and confidence. 


If someone is working out on an equipment, don't rush or crowd around him. One of the most annoying things one can do is keep asking 'Are you almost done?'. Avoid it. Have patience to wait till he/she finishes and be prepared for your turn. 

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