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5 Myths About Meditation

Update Date: Oct 10, 2014 09:09 AM EDT

There are many myths about many topics and one of the most popular is mediation. The word "meditation" itself conjures up all kinds of images and notions. Here we are listing five myths about mediation: 

Myth#1 Meditation is concentration

It's not. In fact it actually is de-concentration. Concentration is a benefit of mediation. Concentration requires effort and is the absolute relaxation of mind. It is more about letting go, and when that happens, our mind and body reaches at a state of deep rest. When our mind is relaxed we can concentrate better. 

Myth#2 Mediation is religious practice

Again, it's not. Yoga and mediation transcend all religions. It benefits everyone, just like the sun shines for everyone. 

Myth#3 Mediation is for old people

Mediation adds value to the lives of people of all age groups. Just like the shower keeps the body clean, mediation is a great way to keep your mind clean. 

Myth#4 Meditation is for monks

It's not a necessity to give up a material life to progress on a spiritual path. In fact, you can increase the quality of your enjoyment through meditation. Meditation relaxes your mind, and with a peaceful mind, you will be able to live happily.

Myth#5 You can only meditate at certain times

Anytime is a good time for meditation and all directions are good for meditation. The most important thing however, is to invest time in it. 

It's also advisable to keep stomach empty; else you may doze off instead meditating. 

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