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Five Ways to Start off the Morning Strong

Update Date: Oct 02, 2014 03:11 PM EDT

For people who are not early risers, getting up everyday for work or school is an unwanted task. However, since waking up is inevitable, people can use different methods to cope. Here are five ways, not including coffee, to start off the morning:

1. Dream Journal

Keeping a dream journal where you write down your dreams can be a motivator to get you out of bed. Whether or not you believe that dreams can unlock your unconscious, writing them down can be fun.

2. Yoga

Changing your exercise routine to the morning can also help you start off your day. Doing mind-relaxing forms of exercise, such as yoga, can benefit your mental state. The more intensive kinds of yoga as well as cardio workouts can also help you wake up since exercise gets your endorphins flowing. If you are looking to break too much of a sweat first thing in the morning, you can stick to simple yoga poses to help with your breathing and concentration.

3. Perform Tasks with Positivity

Once you wake up, instead of viewing your day's list of tasks as daunting, try to set a positive mood. If you look at your tasks in a negative mood, it could lead to higher stress levels. Keeping a positive outlook can be beneficial. Try looking forward to accomplishing each task.

4. Use Rewards

You are more likely to want to get out of bed and start your day if you put a reward into your schedule. By knowing that you have something to look forward to, getting through the morning and the rest of the day might become easier. Rewards can range from foods to activities.

5. Create a Morning Routine

A lot of people are creatures of habit, which is why creating a morning routine can make life easier. Once the body gets use to the routine, performing it will become second nature, allowing your mind to relax. Having a routine can also make mornings faster and more efficient.

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