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8 Healthier Ways to Eat French Fries

Update Date: Oct 01, 2014 03:02 PM EDT

French fries are one of the most popular finger foods in America and across the world. However, they are not the most healthy food option. For people who cannot give up French fries, here are eight healthier ways to eat them:

1. Downsize

One of the most important things about healthy eating is to eat things in moderation. The next time you go to a fast food joint or restaurant, try to order the smallest size. Also try not to eat them every single day. Since French fries are fried, they are high in calories and fat.

2. Share

Sharing food can help you control your portions. Instead of ordering French fries just for yourself, order it for the table. You will end up eating less of it.

3. Ask about the Oils

The type of oil that the French fries are fried in can have an effect on the nutritional content. Oils that have a high smoking point and neutral taste are optimal for frying foods. Some of these oils, such as peanut oil, contain less saturated fat. Don't be shy and ask your server if he/she knows what kind of oil the restaurant uses for frying.

4. Order the Thick Cut Fries

If you have the option, choose thick cut fries. When it comes to the smaller fry sizes, such as shoestring fries, there is a smaller surface area of potato and a greater fried surface area in comparison to a thicker cut fry. This means that you could end up consuming more unhealthy and oily fries if you stick to thinner cut fries.

5. Eat Slowly

Eating slowly is an important thing to remember when it comes to food and beverage consumption in general. However, since fries are finger foods, it is easier to pop them into your mouth at a much faster rate. In order to prevent overeating, try to eat your fries at a much slower rate. This way, you give enough time for your brain to tell you when you are too full to eat anymore.

6. Bake your Own

If you have the time, try to bake or roast your own side of French fries. When you make things on your own, you can control what goes into your foods. Using an oven to get the similar crispiness as the fried version will save you a lot of calories and fat.

7. Try a Potato Alternative

Sweet potato fries have gained popularity over the years as a healthier option to regular French fries. Even though sweet potato fries are still deep-fried in oil, this type of potato has more fiber, vitamins A, C and B6, and calcium than the white potato. Sweet potatoes also have fewer calories and carbs.

8. Grill your Potatoes

Another way to prepare potatoes is to grill pieces of them. With the help of a grill basket, you can make a delicious potato dish that is not as bad for you as French fries are.

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