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8 Reasons Why Your Six-Pack is Nonexistent

Update Date: Sep 29, 2014 02:28 PM EDT

The journey to getting abs might be a lot harder than most people think. In order to effectively lose belly fat and get abs, people have to first educate themselves about the different kinds of methods out there that work. Without this knowledge, you might never get the six-pack abs that you want.

Here are eight reasons why you might be having a hard time getting a six-pack:

1. You believe that some men are born with them

A lot of people who do not have abs believe that men with six-packs are just born with them. These types of guys might get faster results and have an easier time keeping their abs. However, their abs are a result of super-high metabolisms that help them burn fat. Even though you might not have the same metabolism, it does not mean that you cannot get abs as well. You just have to work harder for them.

2. Exercise does not cancel out a bad diet

A lot of people might think that if they exercise frequently, they can eat what they want. Even though we all might wish that this give-and-take relationship were true, it is not and it could be jeopardizing your journey to that six-pack. Health and fitness experts have stressed the importance of eating a well-balanced diet packed with lean protein, fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and whole grains alongside your exercise routine. If you continue to chow down on the fast food and unhealthy snacks, your hard work will not show.

3. Certain foods do not "blast belly fats"

In a nation where appearances factor in a lot to daily life, diet crazes and claims have bombarded people's minds. Some food companies will claim that their products can help blast belly fat due to the presence of one or two ingredients. However, even though these products can print these labels, it does not mean that they are actually helping you lose fat. Instead of buying these products, which often come in the form of energy/protein drinks or bars, stick to natural foods that do not have hidden ingredients.

4. Sit-Ups are outdated

Even though doing sit-ups might feel like they are working your core, this form of ab exercise is very outdated. Replace sit-ups with crunches.

5. Crunches, alone, will not lead to abs

Although crunches are more effective than sit-ups, doing only crunches will not give you six-packs abs. Crunches focus on the outermost core muscle. The abdominal area has many other muscles, such as the external obliques and the rectus femoris that should be targeted in a work-out as well.

6. Arm-crossed crunches are not anymore effective

When it comes to crunches, a lot of people believe that the arm-crossed crunch method is the best. However, in a study, researchers discovered that the arm-crossed crunch and the hands-under-the-head crunch were equally effective.

7. Fast and Intense Workouts will not speed up the process

In terms of cardio, a fast and intense workout that lasts for a shorter period of time is often considered highly effective. When it comes to abs, however, this type of workout is not the way to go. For any core exercise, it is best to go at it at a slow or moderate pace.

8. Equipment for Abs is not more effective

Just because you are using fancy equipment that targets abs, it does not mean that these machines are more effective. If you have these types of machines available to you, then go ahead and use them. If you do not have them, do not be discouraged. Ab workouts at home can be equally as effective if you are doing them correctly.

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