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Four Reasons Meditation Is Not a Waste Of Time

Update Date: Sep 29, 2014 11:25 AM EDT

It is totally fair to think mediation as a waste of time. Sitting in total silence, eyes closed, palms facing upwards and mouthing Om seems the chore of saints. But you are wrong, and I have reasons to prove that. 

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Bulks up the brain

A few Om chants can make you smarter, according to a research on the effects of meditation on the brain. Another study found that long-term meditators (who practiced various techniques, i.e., Samatha, Vipassana) had larger amounts of folding, of the brain's cortex than people who do not meditate. 

It is believed that the extra folds allow the meditators to process information faster than others. 

Helps you focus

The Zen practice of 'thinking about not thinking' boosts attention span by freeing the mind of distractions. According to a brain-scan study, Zenmeditation training leads to different activity in a set of brain regions known as the default network, which is linked with spontaneous bursts of thought and wandering minds. In the Zenmeditation training the person stays alert and aware of the breathing and posture while dismissing any wandering thoughts. 

Makes you mentally though

Meditation can protect a person from the debilitating effects of some emotional events. A study found that mindfulness training allowed individuals to stay alert and in the moment without becoming emotional, equipping them with a mental armor. 

Improves sex life

You heard that. A recent study found that mindful meditation training - which requires the practitioner to bring thoughts into the present moment - can enhance the woman's sexual experience. 

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