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10 Ways to Burn Calories on Workdays

Update Date: Sep 27, 2014 11:21 AM EDT

For people with office jobs, sitting at a desk from nine to five might not the best thing for physical health. However, people typically cannot start doing jumping jacks or squats right in front of their desk. Instead of letting the day pass by without doing anything at all, here are 10 easy ways to boost your metabolism and burn calories.

1. Stay Hydrated

Drinking water helps keep the body hydrated throughout the day. Since our bodies are primarily made up of water, forgetting to replenish it can lead to minor side effects. Aside from hydration, drinking more water will get you moving since you would need to go to the bathroom more often.

2. Exercise at the Desk

There are some exercise routines that you can do at your desk. For example, bringing in small dumbbells and lifting them as you are working can help tone your arms. If you do not want to bring in or buy exercise equipment, you can use other things like books as weights.

3. Go for a Walk

Once you get some free time during the workday, go and take a walk. Taking a short walk around the neighborhood can be good for the body. If you work near a park, consider taking your lunch break outdoors.

4. Take the Stairs

If you work on a lower floor, consider taking the stairs. Even though it might not be an intensive workout, walking up the stairs can still get your heart beating. To make it more rigorous, try increasing your pace.

5. Park your Car away from the Building

If you drive to work, consider parking your car further away from the building. This way, you have to walk a longer distance to and from work

6. Utilize a Timer

A timer can be helpful in reminding you to get up and stretch or get up and take a stroll around the office. If you want to take a minute break every hour to hour and a half, set your timer in case you forget.

7. Talk, Text or Email Standing Up

When you are taking, texting or emailing, consider doing these tasks standing up. Standing at your desk or pacing around the office is a lot better for your health than just sitting.

8. Sit up straight

When you have to sit at your desk, you should sit up straight. Having good posture will engage your body, muscles and core more.

9. Laugh

During work breaks, try to socialize with others. By communicating with other people, you increase their chances of laughing, which can help burn a few extra calories.

10. Break up your workout

Since you cannot workout continuously for half an hour to an hour during work, consider breaking up your workouts into 10-minute intervals. Throughout your day, find ways of incorporating several sessions of 10 minutes workouts.

Even though these techniques might not burn a lot of calories, doing them is better than doing nothing at all.

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