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Four Mistakes To Avoid While Jogging On Treadmill

Update Date: Sep 25, 2014 08:54 AM EDT

Here are four common mistakes you should avoid while jogging on the treadmill. 

Not having a plan

Generally we all tend to get on, push start and run till the time we set up, or we get tired. This kind of workout is certainly boring and it wont push you to your highest potential. Before you step on the treadmill have plan. It will be better if you start with something conducive, such as thrice-a-week routine and stick to it. Keep thinking of innovative ways to challenge your body and stay fit. 

Skipping the warm up

Most of us start off  from a standstill to a pace that is impossible to sustain for long and then eventually start walking shortly after we have begun. This obviously isn't going to help. Here's what you can do: start walking for five minutes, then jog slowly and gradually increase your pace. 

Ignoring the incline

Treadmills offer two variables: speed and incline. Most of us just leave the incline at zero percent. This implies that when you run in place indoors, you won't get the wind resistance of an outdoor run. You should ensure that your steady-state treadmill runs at two per cent incline. 

Holding on

Majority of treadmill-runners have the tendency to grasp the sides. But mind you, by doing so, you are messing up with your posture and your gait. In addition, you're also taking some of your body weight off your legs and not swinging your arms. This implies that you are indirectly reducing your calorie burn. Avoid. 

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