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Five Signs that Point to Out-of-Sync Hormones

Update Date: Sep 23, 2014 01:45 PM EDT

When your hormones are out of sync, you might feel agitated, bloated and fatigue. Even though changes in your hormones due to menstruation are normal, in some cases, they can indicate something wrong.

Here are five signs that your hormones might be out of whack:

1. Fatigue

Feeling fatigue after losing sleep or after a stressful week is usually normal. You just need to give your body and mind time to recuperate. Feeling fatigue all the time, paired with changes in weight, appetite and bowel movements, however, could indicate that something is wrong with your thyroid.

2. Skin Changes

During that time of the month, many women might break out a little. Although few breakouts here and there might be the result of poor skin hygiene, such as sleeping with makeup on, sometimes, adult or cystic acne is the result of hormones that are out of whack. In some cases, acne that repeatedly shows up on the lower half of the face could indicate high levels of testosterone.

3. Hair Growth

Rapid hair growth can be another sign that something might be wrong with your hormones. People who grow hair at an extremely fast pace could have a tumor that is secreting testosterone. However, tumors are rare.

4. Weird Menstrual Cycles

If your typically normal menstrual cycle becomes weird, many different factors could be at play. Your cycle could be affected by stress, thyroid problems, low estrogen or polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). PCOS, in particular, is also characterized by difficulty shedding pounds and strange hair growth.

5. Night Sweats

Night sweats are normal if it is hot in your room or if you are suffering from an infection. However, if these conditions do not apply to you, night sweats could indicate low estrogen levels and infrequent ovulation, also known as perimenopause.

If you are experiencing these symptoms, it is always important to seek out medical care.

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