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Four Ways To Boost Your Happiness

Update Date: Sep 23, 2014 10:43 AM EDT

If various reports are to be believed, Americans are going to spend about $550 million on self-help books and more than $1 billion on motivational speakers. Evidently this means that everyone is on a quest for happiness. 

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Happiness, however, is not just an emotional state. Decades of research proves it goes much deeper. 

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Here are some ways to boost it.

Change attitude

According to a study carried out at Harvard University, optimists are not only happier but are 50 percent less likely to have heart disease, a heart attack or a stroke. You know what that implies. Basically, science doesn't fare well for pessimists. 

Work less

Denmark is earning the top spot in terms for well-being and happiness every year since 1973. The people there, seem to strike a great work-life balance, which ups their happiness levels. In simpler terms they don't overwork. The average workweek in Denmark is 33 hours. 

Focus on experience

According to various studies, people who focus on experiences over "things" have higher levels of satisfaction, long after the moment of the experience has passed. More stuff leads to more debt and not to mention the stress associated with it. 

Build your social network

By simply being social you can slow down your biological age. According to research, strong social support system can shorten our telomeres (the tiny caps on our DNA chromosomes that indicate our cellular age). Experts say, no friends can equal shorter telomeres or, per say, shorter life. 

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