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10 Percent of Americans Have Gone to Work High on Marijuana

Update Date: Sep 19, 2014 09:31 AM EDT

A new survey discovered that nearly one in 10 Americans admitted going to work while being high on cannabis.

The poll, which was conducted by with the help of SurveyMonkey, reached 534 Americans across the United States and asked them about their cannabis-use. 51.9 percent of them were male and the majority of them, at 33.6 percent, fell in the age group of 45 to 60. In terms of education, 8.3 percent had a high school degree, 23.8 percent had some college or associate degree, 37.3 percent earned a bachelor degree and 30.3 percent had a graduate degree. The majority of the people had a household income that fell in between $50,000 and $99,000

The numbers revealed that 9.7 percent of the people reported that they have gone to work while being high on weed. 81 percent of these people had gotten their marijuana illegally. Within the U.S., it is only legal to buy marijuana for recreational purposes in Colorado and Washington. It is also legal to get marijuana for medical purposes on 23 states.

The poll also asked the participants how likely will they go to work high within the future and how likely will they smoke marijuana on the job within the future and calculated that 92.13 percent and 94.38 percent respectively answered, "very unlikely."

In terms of other kinds of drugs, the survey revealed that 28 percent of the people have gone to work after taking prescription medications. Seven percent of these poll respondents had taken the drugs for recreational purposes. Roughly 95 percent of the people who took prescription drugs got them from their doctor. When asked if they have gone to work under the influence of other drugs not including marijuana, 96.63 percent said no.

The Mashable news release, "Nearly 10% of Americans Go to Work High on Weed," can be found here.

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