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Neanderthals Were Artistic And Intelligent

Update Date: Sep 02, 2014 08:36 AM EDT

Researchers have found a cave art in Gorham's Cave in Gibraltar which is possibly made by neanderthals. The finding suggests that these ancient humanoids were more artistic and less barbaric than previously assumed. 

Modern humans share between one to four percent of DNA with Neanderthals. 

According to researchers, the finding represent a conclusive proof that this ancient species was not as backward as previously thought. The discovered artwork is a proof that Neanderthals were capable of abstract expression.

"These sites were occupied by Neanderthals during the Middle Paleolithic from at least 90 thousand years ago until around 31 thousand years ago, making this site one of very late occupation. Deposits above those of Neanderthal occupation show evidence of more recent occupation by modern humans," Gibraltar Museum managers wrote on their Web site.

Evidences suggest that the minimum age for the artwork is at least 39,000 years old. 

"The engravings do appear intentional and it's hard to easily envisage a purely functional explanation for them. Consequently it's useful to consider these structured scratches as deriving from abstract or symbolic thought," said Dr Matt Pope, a Palaeolithic archaeologist at University College London, who was not involved with the latest study, according to BBC News. 

The research has been published in the journal PNAS

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