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Five Types of Men Women Hate

Update Date: Sep 01, 2014 10:03 AM EDT

There are several qualities that make a man irresistible. However, women being a fairer sex have created certain stereotype in men that they absolutely hate. 

Here are some common kinds of men that women would never want to be seen with.

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Dominant men

The time is gone when a male dominated society used to be the way of life. According to several studies, women prefer mates who're recognized by their peers for their skills, abilities and achievements.

Men who always try to be Macho 

Macho guys with angry young man personality are perfect on screen, but the story is little different in real life. According to a study, macho guys don't always get the girls. The study further revealed that the most aggressive guys ended up with fewer wives and children.

 Sex starved men

Women generally don't opt for a sexually ravenous partner. This might be because for such men, sex is the top priority in the relationship whereas the woman continuously seeks love and romance, without physical intimacy. 


Women don't find chauvinistic appealing and certainly would not like to spend the rest of their lives with men sporting this. 

"There is a very thin line of demarcation between being a gentleman and chauvinist. A girl might love your care and concern, but your over chauvinistic attitude may irritate her at times. Make an attempt to give enough space to her and let the comfort zone be there as per mutual convenience," says expert Dr. Ratan Kumar, a clinical psychologist. 


Using slangs or abusive lingo in a conversation more often might make you look cool in front of your male peers, but girls don't prefer abusive partners. According to experts, being too abusive and stressing on using slangs too often is a 'turn off' for today's women. 

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