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5 More Reasons To Have More Sex

Update Date: Aug 30, 2014 05:47 PM EDT

Sex has its own reasons - love, pleasure, baby making, etc. However, according to science there are quite a few health benefits as well for getting intimate. 

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Sex burns calories

Sex can strengthen muscle tone and increase heart rate. In a way it gets your whole body working. In a study conducted last year, where volunteers wore activity trackers while having sex, men burnt about 101 calories per session while women torched an average of 69. 

Sex helps you sleep

After orgasm, the body releases a relaxation hormone called prolactin. So next time your'e not feeling particularly tired, perform the deed while reaching orgasm and the next moment you might be nodding off. 

Sex check blood pressure

According to the study, people who'd had sex, experience smaller blood pressure spikes while performing anxiety inducing tasks such as public speaking or solving math problems loudly. Further they recover from them more quickly. However the affect is only caused by penile-vaginal intercourse and not masturbation and other forms of sexual activities. 

Sex strengthens heart

A British study showed that people who had sex at least twice a week over a period of 20 years were less likely to have died from heart disease than those who got it on less than once a month. 

Sex may protect against cancer

Some studies suggest that men who ejaculate more frequently have a reduced risk of prostate cancer. Another French study found that women who had sex at least once a month were less likely to develop breast cancer than those who did not. 

The next time your partner asks, "Was it good for you?" you could reply, yes - in several ways.

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