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Five Foods you should Keep Off of your Plate

Update Date: Aug 21, 2014 02:38 PM EDT

Eating is an inevitable and vital part for everyday life. Even though foods provide energy that keeps the body moving, they do not all have the same effects on the body. Where some foods provide minerals and vitamins, other foods help pack on the pounds. When it comes to deciding what to put into one's body, there are many factors people should consider. However, there are also some foods that people are just better off avoiding.

Here are five foods to avoid:

1. Swordfish

Even though fish and shellfish are generally healthy food options, some kinds of seafood are better off staying in the water and off of people's plates. One particular kind of fish that people should avoid is the swordfish because it contains high levels of mercury. Mercury, particularly for pregnant women, can hinder normal development in children. For adults, the dangerous neurotoxin contributes to heart attack risk.

2. Nonorganic Strawberries

Organic produce is typically more expensive. Research has shown that some products are safer to consume if they are organic. One of these products is the strawberry. According to Robert Kenner, the director of Food Inc. and founder of, manufacturers spray pesticides on nonorganic strawberries. During this process, the people who handle the strawberries wear suits to protect themselves. According to Kenner, if people have to wear suits to care for nonorganic strawberries, maybe these fruits should not be consumed.

"The workers wear these suits to protect themselves from the dozens and dozens of known dangerous pesticides applied to strawberries" Kenner stated according to MSN. "When I saw this, I thought to myself, if this is how berries are grown, I don't really want to eat them anymore. I haven't been able to eat a nonorganic strawberry ever since. I guess they didn't think it looked too appetizing."

3. Diet Soda

Diet soda has been criticized recently due to the fact that manufacturers use artificial sweeteners. Some studies have found a potential link between artificial sweeteners and metabolic changes that negatively impact health. Since not much research has been done on the safety of consuming artificial sugars, it might just be better to steer clear of this beverage.

4. McDonald's and other Fast Food Chains

McDonald's, the popular fast food chain restaurant, sells a lot of food products that are made with controversial ingredients. These ingredients in combination with many other factors ultimately make fast food options unhealthy. Instead of these meals, people should invest their time in cooking meals by using wholesome ingredients.

5. Canned Tomatoes

Canned products can make lives easier because they are available all year round, do not expire fast and come prepared. However, people should avoid using canned products whenever possible. Canned products, such as tomatoes, often have bisphenol A (BPA). Too much of this chemical can lead to dangerous health complications, such as heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Consumption in smaller amounts is considered safe. A recent study rpeorted that low-dose exposure to BPA is not linked to the development of health conditions. 

"You can get 50 micrograms of BPA per liter out of a tomato can, and that's a level that is going to impact people, particularly the young," said Frederick vom Saal, PhD, professor of biological sciences at the University of Missouri. "I won't go near canned tomatoes."

Whenever possible, people should avoid these products. In order to reduce risk of health conditions, pick healthier food options that will nourish the body instead of harming it

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