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Four Foods That Burn Belly Fat

Update Date: Aug 14, 2014 02:36 PM EDT

Belly is one the body regions where we tend to put on more weight. Crunches and floor exercises help us get in shapes but getting rid of the stubborn belly fat is a herculean task. 

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Here are four food items that could be of great help in getting the belly in shape. 


The spice is rich in antioxidants. It also has the ability to control blood sugar. Hence, it plays a significant role in controlling your appetite. One of the ways to include cinnamon in your diet is to use it for flavoring your drinks. It can also be added to lunch and dinner by cooking it along with the main course. 


Broccoli contains vitamin C and calcium, which increase the absorption of chemical elements in the body and boosts metabolism. The little green vegetable is also rich in fibre and water content that makes you feel full fast, preventing you from overheating. 

Experts recommend including broccoli four times a week. 


Whole eggs, especially the whites, are rich in protein. It is often suggested that in order to burn fat, it's important to add more protein-rich food to your diet as it keeps you feeling fuller for a longer period. Eggs are also low in calories and high in Vitamin D. 


Fat content in avocado is slightly higher than other 'healthy foods' but studies suggest that the mono-saturated fats in the fruit help in controlling cholesterol and blood sugar. These also contain potassium that helps in converting nutrients into energy. You can try taking avocados during breaks and it is even better if you substitute with oily items. 

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