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Four Morning Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Health

Update Date: Aug 12, 2014 02:09 PM EDT

Morning shows the day (and also reduces weight). Here are few common mistakes to avoid and some simple changes that can help make your mornings better. 

1.Waking-up suddenly and hitting the gym 

Mornings are slowdown time. You should allow your body to wake up quietly while moving muscles slowly. According to experts, what we do soon after we wake up sets the tone for the rest of the day. 

2. Not stretching 

When we wake up after a long sleep (6-8 hours), our muscles become a bit stiff. Waking-up without stretching makes us carry this stiffness which compromises our productivity through the day. 

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3. Starting day with a cup of tea 

According to experts, the secret of good metabolism is not to start day with a cup of tea but something alkaline. If possible drink lime juice and water followed by some white tea or quality green tea.

4. Checking your phone

This is one of the most common habit that forms naturally. However, experts refrain using phone just after waking up. "You don't have to immediately solve the world's problems in the first two hours after you wake up. Your energy should be first focussed on the most important jobs, not the least important. Check your emails only once you reach office. Checking them in the morning won't really make you productive. On the contrary, it'll put you in an unhappy mood," wrote  Julie Morgenstern wrote in her best-seller Never Check Email In The Morning And Other Unexpected Strategies For Making Your Work Life Work. 

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