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New Programming Language Accommodates Multiple Languages In Same Program

Update Date: Aug 09, 2014 02:09 PM EDT

Researchers have devised a safe way to use multiple programming languages within the same program. 

With the help of new programming language called Wyvern, programmers would be able to use the language most appropriate for each function. The newly devised programming language would also guard against code injection attacks. 

"Wyvern is like a skilled international negotiator who can smoothly switch between languages to get a whole team of people to work together," Jonathan Aldrich, associate professor in the Institute for Software Research (ISR), said in the press release. "Such a person can be extremely effective and, likewise, I think our new approach can have a big impact on building software systems."

With the help of Wyvern, it will be possible to construct programs using a variety of targeted, domain-specific languages like SQL for querying database or HTML for constructing web pages, as sublanguages, rather than writing the entire program using a general purpose language, the press release added.

Wyvern is capable of detecting sublanguages being used based on the type of manipulated data. 

"Wyvern would make the use of strings for this purpose unnecessary and thus eliminate all sorts of injection vulnerabilities," Aldrich said.

Presently, Wyvern is not fully engineered but is an open source project that is ready to be experimented by early adopters. 

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