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Three Ways To Check On Mindless Eating

Update Date: Aug 03, 2014 12:05 PM EDT

Ever eat the entire pizza when you're not even hungry? That is the case of 'mindless eating.' 

The term 'mindless eating' has been coined by the Cornell University food psychologist Brain Wansink, PhD, that describes subconscious eating habits that leads to unnecessary weight gain. 

Experts suggest not to rely on stomach to know when you are full. Here are three most common ways to curb mindless eating. 

Clear the clutter 

Your kitchen being the mess is one of the reasons promoting mindless eating. According to experts, noshing at an untidy spot or even while standing promotes overeating. It is advisable to designate new areas for odds and ends so that you can enjoy your meal without any distractions. 


You will eat what you will see, so organize accordingly. For example, you can keep the candy dish out of view and move healthier foods to eye level in the cupboard and refrigerator. 

Don't browse Facebook when you're hungry

Experts strongly advise to stay off social media when you are hungry or else seeing a photo of your friends's treats could lead you right to the fridge. 

More better scroll the feed with a healthy snack in hand. 

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