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Five Ways to Stay Healthy on a Tight Budget

Update Date: Jul 30, 2014 02:13 PM EDT

Developing good food habits and indulging in regular physical activity leads to a healthier life but it is easier said than done. Our busy lifestyles sometimes force us to choose unhealthy  snacks and take-away foods. Sometimes it is the cost of healthier food items that bars us from opting them. 

However not every time it's too expensive to be healthy. Here are five cheap ways that can get you healthier right now for next to nothing. 

Go Green 

By going green we mean eating more plants without going completely vegetarian. Just a few veggie replacements per week are enough to provide benefits, e.g., you can swap out ground beef for beans in chilis and stews, squash for pasta, or just have a big salad instead of a sandwich. 

Veggies contain lots of fiber that digest slowly and keeps you satisfied for longer duration unlike blood-sugar-spiking rice and pasta. 

Drink More Water 

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, only about 76 percent of people drink water on any given day. Minimum guideline is to get at least eight cups of water everyday, but people who are active, overweight or tall need more than others. 

Sound Sleep

According to an international survey of six countries by the Sleep Foundation, around 56 percent of Americans don't get enough sleep on work nights. 

If you are not sleeping enough, you're still not functioning to your highest potential. According to researchers, lack of sleep is directly associated to poor brain function, lack of focus and moodiness. 

Switch Off Technology And Get Active

'Still' time spent watching TV, surfing online or playing computer games is associated to kids becoming overweight and obese. It is recommended that children and young people should spend no more than two hours a day on 'small screen' entertainment. 

Hug Friends and Family

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Scientists have proven that love, at least in parts, is a chemical reaction. During sex and childbirth, large amount of a hormone called oxytocin is released that fuels attraction and loving feelings. When oxytocin makes way into the blood stream, it encourages bonding while lowering blood pressure and stress. 

Previously, researchers also proved that oxytocin can reduce pain and can also act as an anti-inflammatory. 

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