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Researchers Working On A Technology That Will Allow Hair To Reflect Almost Any Color

Update Date: Jul 25, 2014 03:55 PM EDT

Researchers are working on a new technology that would allow you to use a flatiron to press a pattern into your new hair color.

In a new study, researchers have collaborated on the use of focused ion beam technologies and the way they can be used to pattern different materials.

The study explores a way to etch diffraction gratings on individual hairs to reflect light in a specific way.

"That's one way to do it, to make the pattern directly onto your hair, your permanent hair and that would be more of a permanent change until it grows out," UNM Professor of Mechanical Engineering Zayd C. Leseman said in the press release.

"The other idea was and still is to actually develop some kind of conditioner. Some kind of polymer coating for your hair, and then when you actually to the patterning with your flatiron that's specially developed for this polymer coating, maybe low heat or something like that. Then you could actually pattern the conditioner or the polymer on your hair first. And then it would easily wash out if you wanted it to go away, so that's not as permanent and as scary."

Researchers added that the applications of the findings can be extended to other other purposes such as information security feature on credit card readers.

"We talked about the possibility of a band pass, an optical band pass filter and this would lead to identifying a friendly soldier if you can wear a pattern like this, possibly on an armor jacket," said Lamartine. "The identification could change like the old style military code books. You could issue a new roll of tape with a different pattern on it once a month and you know that there's a certain color of laser which will return from that. If it is somebody else's pattern, then you know you don't have a friendly."

The paper has been published in the Journal of Cosmetics.

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