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Chewing Gum Enhances Attractiveness

Update Date: Jun 24, 2014 12:51 AM EDT

Want to look more attractive? Scientists suggest you chew some gum.

New research on identical twins revealed that chewing gum could significantly boost attractiveness.

The latest study, which was conducted inside the Buenos Aires Museum of Contemporary Art, consisted of identical twins. One twin was asked to chew a stick of gum and the other was asked to maintain a neutral expression.

Researchers asked 481 participants various questions about the twins like "Which one do you think gets invited to more parties?" "Which one is more popular?" and "Which one do you think has a better sex life?" according to the Daily Mail.

Participants were asked to put on headphones and listen to series of questions by touching light touch-sensitive pads.

The study revealed that chewing gum actually made people seem more approachable.

People who were not chewing gum in the twin study were selected for questions like "Which one is more likely to get invited to bridge games?" and "Which one do you think is the bad cop?"

While chewing gum is usually seen as bad etiquette, researchers said the latest study reveals that it might make people seem more attractive and friendly.

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