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Apples Best at Eliminating Garlic Breath

Update Date: Jun 21, 2014 12:59 AM EDT

Have terrible garlic breath? Eat an apple, drink lemonade or pop a mint.

New research reveals that green tea, parsley and spinach also help eliminate garlic breath.

Experts explain that garlic lingers in the breath and sweat because it cannot be broken down during digestion.

For the study, researchers measured the concentration of chemicals in the breath of participants who ate raw garlic.

Afterwards, participants were asked to eat various foods to mask their garlicky breath. Researchers then analyzed participants' breath by measuring odor readings.

The study revealed that raw apple was significantly more effective in eliminating garlicky breath.

Study author Sheryl Barringer of Ohio State University said that the findings suggest that apples help eliminate garlic breath by breaking down allyl methyl sulphide (AMS), according to Daily Mail.

Researchers said that any foods rich in polyphenols compounds help eliminate garlic breath. However, the best way to prevent garlic breath is to combine polyphenol- rich foods with garlic.

Previous studies also revealed that milk can "significantly reduce" garlic breath because it helps break down concentrations of the chemicals that give garlic its long-lasting smell.

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